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First things first

How will the names be put on your badges?

If you are getting a logo on your badge we will be doing that for you but you have a choice of how you would like the names added to your badge.

Option 1 Names are added at the factory

Put the names on for me!

Getting names added at the factory is a great option if:

You want your badges to arrive
Ready to wear!

Start Designing Your Badge

Option 2 You add the names at your location with one of our Easy to Use Personalizing Systems

I will put the names on,
I like this idea!

Personalizing at your location is a great option if:

  • You don't need names at this time
  • You have high turnover
  • You want to re-use badges
  • Badges arrive with your logo and you add the names as needed in minutes!
Start Designing Your Badge

Watch the videos below for more information on our Easy to Use Personalizing Systems

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