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First things first

How do you want to add names to your badge(s)?

If you want to put a logo, image, or fixed text on your badge, we will do that for you, but to put names on your badge, there are two options; you do it or we do it. Choose which option below before starting the design process. 

Option 1 We add the names on your badge(s) for you at our factory.

Put the names on for me!

Getting names added at the factory is a great option if:

  • You want your badges to arrive READY TO WEAR!
  • This option works with all badge materials, styles and shapes
Start Designing Your Badge

Option 2 You use one of our Easy-to-Use Personalizing Systems to add the names yourself

I will put the names on!

Personalizing at your location is a great option if:

  • You don't need names at this time (or just a logo)
  • You want to print/write your names on the badge(s)
  • You have high turnover
  • You want to re-use badge(s)
Start Designing Your Badge

Watch the videos below for more information on our Easy to Use Personalizing Systems

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