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2-Ply Plastic Name Badge

Our 2-ply name badge material is composed of two contrasting layers of color—one surface color and core color. When we engrave your logo to personalize it, we expose the core color to provide an engraved, two-tone effect. You have the option of a fully engraved name badge or a full-color UV printed and personalizing.

$6.25/badge* *for quantities 25-74 (other customizations may adjust cost per badge)

40-Mil Plastic Name Badge

This reusable PVC plastic name badge is an economical choice that is lightweight yet durable. They are 25% thicker than a standard credit card and offer a variety of classic shapes and designer shapes to choose from. We use vivid full-color UV printing that creates an eye-catching 3D effect. These badges are sure to stand out.

$3.83/badge* *for quantities 25-74 (other customizations may adjust cost per badge)

60-Mil Plastic Name Badge

This thicker version of the PVC plastic name badge is perfect for when you want something lightweight yet sturdier than the 40-mil option. Your logo is replicated in full color with our vibrant UV-printing method.

$5.20/badge* *for quantities 25-74 (other customizations may adjust cost per badge)

Looking for Blank Name Badges?

Plastic write-on blank name badge kits are great for companies that want reusable name tags with a streamlined look. Simply write on a person's name in marker and wipe it clean with an ink remover when it's time for a new name.

You can also use a plastic name badge printer to create labels to customize blank name badges.
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