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In the last few years, magnetic name tags and name badges have become wildly popular in the identification industry. We've noticed a huge uptick in our customers asking about and ordering name badges with magnetic backings, and it's easy to see why.

The main attraction of a magnetic name tag is that it does not puncture holes in clothing, leave behind snags or loose threads, or otherwise damage clothing or work gear. For people who wear name tags every day and don't want their work shirts to sport tiny pin holes, this is a huge upgrade.

Magnetic backings also help name tags stay in place, so your employees will look neat and professional at all times. Plus, magnets make it easy to take a badge on or off without fumbling with a small pin or other closures, which is perfect for people who need a quick and easy on/off or struggle with small, fine finger movements. offers reusable magnetic name tags and badges in a variety of styles, including our ever-popular metal magnetic name tags and plastic magnetic name tags. Simply start designing your name badge, and be sure to select the Magnet fastener during step 3. We also offer packs of 10 magnet backings for ad-hoc use.

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Let Us Custom-Design Badges for You designers can help you craft a name badge that meets all your technical specifications and help scommunicate your visual brand to customers. Let the experts take the lead and design the perfect identification solution for your business.
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