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Make a Deal in Style

Automotive & Car Dealer Name Tags & Badges

When a customer enters your showroom, they are there to make a huge investment. Your sales rely heavily on establishing trust with guests, so they feel comfortable asking questions and with making that big purchase.  Knowing simple information like your name and which automotive brands you are representing on the show floor is important. When it comes to personalized representation, we have you covered. 

Add all your logos to your badge with your employee’s names and titles. Full color logos and personalized badges are key. Keep them coming back to your dealership!

Show Your Patients You Care

Healthcare Name Tags & Badges

Wearing a name tag is very important for nurses, doctors, and caretakers. In the healthcare industry, there can be specific needs when it comes to name badges including special titles, larger readable fonts for the elderly and photos. Establishing trust between you and your patients is important in showing them you care.  

Photo ID badges with bulldog clips, lanyards or badge reels are great options for the healthcare industry. Create trust so patients feel comfortable asking you questions.

Hospitality at its Finest

Hotels & Resorts Name Tags & Badges

Welcoming your guests with a prominent smile and name badge is key to getting their stay off to a great start. Knowing a person’s name is key when guests have questions about your hotel, resort, B&B, motel, or rental property. This applies to all hotel or lodging personnel that guests connect with. The front desk staff. The housekeepers that can provide more towels or provisions. The valet that needs to get a car. The bellhop that is bringing luggage to rooms. Each are important.

A metal name badge is great option for hotels. They are professional looking and can be re-used by using our Label Print System.

Help Them Find Their Home

Realtors & Real Estate Name Tags & Badges

Realtor badges with your full color logo is one of the best ways to brand yourself to potential clients. Put a name with your face and create the trust that is needed when someone is making the large purchase for the first time in their lives. Also, many homeowners will buy a second home in their lives. You want them to come back to you the next time. Create that special bond right from the beginning.  

Metal badges with your full color logo, name and title are the perfect options for your real estate company.

Let's Wine & Dine Them

Restaurants, Servers & Food Service Name Tags & Badges

Restaurants and food-serving settings are some of the most important places to wear a name badge. Create that brand recognition with your logo and add your employee’s names to create a personal connection. The time that guests spend at your establishment will include asking for another drink, adding something to their order, asking for the check, and many other interactions. Help them leave a great review for you and your servers by wearing a name badge!

A restaurant, brewery or café is a great place to use a Resuable Write-On Badge, allowing your employees to express their personality and allow for re-usability! In a food catering event you can even use the chalkboard write-on badges for food station signs.

Shop With a Smile

Retail & Sales Name Tags & Badges

Now more than ever, creating a by-name relationship in your brick-and-mortar stores is so important. When your customer is seeking help buying a product, make it easy for them to ask questions. Whether you are selling clothing, jewelry, perfume or household items, making yourself approachable is very important. 

Full color badges are a great option to project your store brand and catch attention. Resuable Write-On Badges allow your employees to express their personality and Lanyard Style Badges are easy to wear.

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